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After more than 100 years of single family ownership, Peterboro Matboards Inc. was sold in late 2001. Our all new management team immediately embarked on a plan to revitalize the company and its products. The goal was to make both the company and its products competitive in a demanding global market. Over the past several years that goal has been realized and Peterboro products are now being shipped throughout the world.

Here are some of the changes and what they mean to our customers:

Renewed Vision

“Flexible product lines that meet the everyday needs of custom framers.”

Peterboro continues to create new products that enhance works of art rather than compete with them. We provide framers with high quality matboards that are functional and easy to use. Quality, value and design are the key components of every Peterboro product.

Product Development

Standards of Quality and Performance

During our rapid growth we have added many highly skilled staff members to help ensure that our new products met and exceeded market expectations. One new staff member, with a Doctorate in Pulp and Paper Chemistry, helped to design matboards that simply cut better. Correct fibre morphology and density means that our matboards cut easily, give clean smooth bevels, and go longer between blade changes.

Our Quality Control team tests all incoming raw materials in our laboratory to make sure they meet rigid guidelines for both quality and performance. Tests are conducted to make sure our boards meet both the Fine Art Trade Guild and new PPFA standards. While meeting both of these standards ensures a quality product we go a step further and test against additional requirements that our QC team has found to be important.

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